Advantages and Benefits

Why should you go for Budget Support Software?

1. Your own exclusive .com domain for your Support Portal
We will give you a DOT COM domain, for your Customer Support Portal, in which the Budget Support Software would be installed. For example, if you own, we will provide you with, just for your Support Portal. The domain would be registered for you, after your approval and if it is available for registration. This domain registration is worth $10 per year, and you will get it along with the Budget Support Software.
2. Dedicated Hosting for your Support Portal
We will give you the hosting space for your Customer Support Software. It will have enough storage space to hold thousands of support tickets and attachments from your customer. You need not purchase a separate hosting space and pay a monthly rental for the hosting space. This hosting space alone is worth $100 per year, and you will get it along with the Budget Support Software.
3. Dedicated Email Hosting for your Support Portal
We will give you Unlimited Email Hosting for your Customer Support Software. The Email Server would be used for managing your Support Departments and Support Staff. As each support department needs exclusive email box, this email server will serve this purpose. Each email account can support 2GB of space. And you can have unlimited email accounts. You need not purchase a separate email hosting server and pay a monthly rental for the email server. This Unlimited Email Hosting alone is worth $100 per year, and you will get it along with the Budget Support Software.
4. Fully configured Software for your Support Portal
We will install and configure the Budget Support Software to manage your Departments and Staff. We will also configure your support portal with the email message templates, spam filters, customize it with your company logo and message. And any pre-defined replies for your support portal would be added by us for each department. The advantage here is, that you need not worry about installation and configuration hassles. Your Support Portal would be ready to use from day one.
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5. Your Customer can just send an Email
The advantage of this software, is that your customer need not come to your site and enter the support request. They can raise the support request, by just sending an email to the specific department or support category. And also when your support staff replies back to the support ticket, your customer will receive that reply in their email. And they can just reply back from their email itself, and it is threaded into the correct help ticket. This is advantageous for your customers, who need not remember login details to access your support. They can just reply back from their iPhone or any mobile phone itself.
6. Support Contact Form in your existing Website
We will design a Customer Support Contact form in your existing website. And any support request raised in that page, would be automatically created as a ticket by the Budget Support Software. This customer support form, would be created by us, and would be designed to match your existing site design. This will help you to extend the support system to your existing website also.
7. No costly upfront purchase
You don't have to make any costly purchase of the software. You need not spend on purchasing hosting server, email server and database server. We will provide all these in a bundled package for less than Rs.25 per day. No other support software gives you so much for so less. What more you get Unlimited Departments, Unlimited Support Staff, Unlimited Tickets, Unlimited Bandwidth and your own customer support portal in an affordable price.
8. Keep Track of your Customers' issues
You can easily keep track of support requests or sales requests in one place. You can easily see how many requests has been made by any given customer. This will help your staff or your management team to understand the customer and his issues. As the support details and the replies are managed in a threaded manner, you will have no trouble in identifying and solving the issues, faster than a normal email support system.
9. Support Portal for your Customers
Your customers can also login into your exclusive Customer Support Portal and check the status of their support tickets. They can also reply back from the control panel or create new ticket for new issues. Your customers can either reply back to the ticket from the web portal or through email, and that reply is automatically appended to their existing help ticket, by the software. Your staff could create support ticket on behalf of the customers as well. This would be useful for customers who demanded support via phone.
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