How It Works

1. Creating Support Request
Your Customer could request for Support from various places and it all gets stored and organized in your Customer Support Portal. They could raise the request from your website or could send an email to the specific department or could come directly to your Customer Support Portal and raise the support request. We have built the system, so that all these requests from different sources, gets created as a Support Ticket and the concerned Support Staff in notified about the request.
2. Support Request Processing by Support Staff
Your Customer Support Staff will login into their account inside the Customer Support Portal. They can see the Tickets assigned to them by Admin or the Tickets created for their respective Departments. The Customer Staff can reply back to the ticket and the reply would be sent to the Customer. The reply is saved and shown in a threaded manner for that particular request raised. The Staff can also send private notes among themselves. The Staff can also move tickets or assign someone else to that ticket. Each activity is logged and has a time stamp.
3. Automatic Email Reply Parser
The Customer will receive the Support Reply sent by the Staff in their email inbox. They could reply back to the support reply from their email client itself. The reply could be made from their mobile phone or through their computer. There is no need to remember login information to login back to your customer support portal and record their reply. This is really useful for several clients to reply back on the move. They will really love this feature in your support portal.
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