Web Enquiry Tracking

How many times have you lost track of an enquiry made from your website?

How many times you had wished that you had your support staff reply for an enquiry without accessing your email?

Ever wished that enquiries made in your website could be categorized in correct departments and handled by proper staff?
If you have a website, it must also have a Customer Contact Form. And if anyone submits the contact form with their enquiry, it would be sent to a particular email address. Now, it is really difficult to keep track of these types of enquiries, if it is just sent to an email address. What you need is a powerful software, which would store your web enquiries and also allows you keep track of whatever communications that are made on that particular enquiry. Budget Support Software could be effectively used as an Enquiry Tracking System for your website and you don't have to lose track any enquiry from now on. It also supports multiple departments and multiple support staff, and can store and track almost millions of enquiries.
How this software helps your website:
Enquiries made in your website are stored as Support Tickets

Your staff could easily reply on those enquiries without having any need to access any email accounts

You could have a clear idea of how many enquiries you have

You could have a clear overview of what is the progress for each enquiry

It supports multiple departments, which means your enquiry could be categorized and saved into correct departments

It supports multiple support staff, who could have access to one or many departments.

Can store and keep track of millions of web enquiries.

Can store enquiries from multiple websites in one place.

Your prospective leads or customers can visit your support portal and keep track of their enquiry status.

Your customers can reply back from their email itself, for any support ticket.

Do you want this Web Enquiry Tracking Software for your website?