Help Desk Software for your Business

Great for Customer Support and IT Help Desk Management.

Efficient Support System

Hundreds of businesses use Budget Support Software to achieve sky-high efficiencies in their help desk management.

Web-based help desk software

Budget Support Software allows you to manage your support services more efficiently, treating each and every incoming request as a unique, traceable ticket.
Collate support requests sent in via email, through the web or over the phone into a feature-rich help desk solution.
Empower your support agents and reassures your end-users of quick, efficient and quality support.

Keep track of conversations

Prioritize, categorize and assign tickets so you never lose track of them.

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Emails to Ticket Creation

Convert emails into tickets, two-way email-integration

Budget Support Software converts every support email into a trackable ticket that you can manage and execute tasks on. Unlike your email inbox, every email here will be categorized, prioritized and assigned to specific support agents.

Track all IT help desk activities

Ticket based activity tracking system

Budget Support Software documents various actions performed on a ticket, providing a clear audit trail of activities that have been performed on a ticket, from creation to resolution. Activity tracking focusses on ownership and responsibilities for various actions performed.

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Streamline all your customer conversations in one place. Collaborate with other teams to resolve issues faster.. and much more…