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Thousands of businesses use Budget Support Software to achieve sky-high efficiencies in their help desk management.

Efficient support service management with Budget Support Software

Keep track of customer conversations by converting them into tickets.
Convert all incoming emails into tickets. Prioritize, categorize and assign them to the right people.

Life Science & Health Care

From Large Hospitals to Independent Physicians, healthcare organizations across the world are facing challenges of varying magnitudes to provide affordable and quality healthcare. Healthcare organizations can easily offer solutions to their customers by attending to the complaints and requests with the help of Budget Support Software.

Customer Testimonial

Managing support queries from our customers has been a whole lot easier since we moved to Budget Support Software. We’re able to assign requests to the right techs and assure customers of a rapid turn around time. I’d recommend Budget Support Software any day!
Narayanan K, Comtech Systems

Key Benefits

Benefits & Uses of Help Desk Software in Business Consulting Industry

It helps to increase employee performance and help businesses scale up quickly.
It helps to customize to your changing business needs.
Canned actions feature helps in responding to standard customer requests quickly.
It helps you view statistics and reports on the activities across the system based on various parameters.
Set up and modify access to key settings on staff responses to ticket responses.
Budget Support Software

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Canned replies for quicker responses

Canned responses help you get past run-of-the-mill standard emails in no time. You can set a filter to automatically send an auto-response or just pick a canned reply while replying to your email.

Change ticket ownership, move tickets

Lets you move tickets across departments, facilitating easy and simple collaboration across teams. The ticket can be assigned to another staff easily when replying to the ticket.